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Dr. Marie Flore Lindor-Latortue, Ph.D.

  • Business Consultant
  • Radio Host
  • Philanthropist

Radio TV Dr. Flore



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Event Planning

Corporate, and Special Events (Baptism, Family Reunion, Funeral Final Wish, Galas and more)


Serve as Master of Ceremony for events: Weddings, Baptism, Gala and Etiquette Classes.


In charge of seeing that it does what it is supposed to do and nothing more.

Coach and Trainer

Profesional - Motivational Speaker, Conferences and Conventions, Moderator - Facilitator

Radio Host

Creation - Production - Interviews - Programming - Entertainment and more...

Marketing - Advertising

Media Vendor
(Radio and Television  - Print - Social Media) Publicist

Capacity Building

Expert. Our teams assist organizations in branding, designing and implementing their capacity.

Health Care

Conduct Profesional Trainings,
and Advertising


Web Design
Content Support

Gallery Videos

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Radio Luz AM1450 FM101.9
Radio Mega 1700 AM
Island TV
Dr. Maria Flore Lindor-Latortue


Dr. MARIE FLORE LINDOR-LATORTUE, Ph. D., CEO, Executive Director

“Dr. Flore” is a capacity-building consultant, a motivational speaker, and a professor. “Dr. Flore” served as the first Haitian woman in the Florida Commission on the Status of Women, Tallahassee, Florida identifying women making a difference nationally from 2004-2008. She also led the Public Relations Committee for the Florida Commission on the Status of Women.

She received several accolades throughout her life. In May 2016, she was elected congressional delegate for district 26 and attended the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. She served in several Caribbean caucuses and for the past two years, she has been the protocol chair for the Hispanic Caucus, Miami Chapter from June 2015 to December 2016.


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Haiti Open CEO Jean Alfred Delva

"Dr. Flore is one of those rare and yet accessible business leader types that one count on for help and able to get the support fast. Whether it’s a new marketing campaign or a magazine edition topic you need her to help you with and give you some feedback, she’s only an email way. So rare that Dr. Flore is the only media person that has given me an interview to help me get some awareness for HAITI OPEN Magazine. She interviewed me on her Radio-TV Show during the spring of 2015 for HAITI OPEN Magazine’s first edition. Since then the magazine has been on an I-95 billboard, metro buses and bus shelters, and not a single media person has asked me for an interview."

Jean Alfred Delva from

8 MONTHS WELL SPENT By Joseph Beaubil “Me Beau”

"Dr. Flore, Thank you for the great collaboration we had during the past 8 months. You are a true professional who earns my respect and admiration. I sincerely believe that God will enlarge your territory as you continue to serve the Haitian community with all the good qualities that you possess. As we engage in new ventures, it is my hope that we remain connected in order to continue displaying our true values though collaboration. I look forward to partnering with you in other projects, as we see fit, for our own professional growth and the benefits of our community; since our best legacy is not what we leave to our loved ones, but rather what we do for our community."

Maitre Beau