Karib America

karibamericaIt has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Marie Flore Lindor Latortue. I met her a while back first as a professor at the school I graduated from, where she also promotes the show “Gade Tet Ou” on Saturdays. I was invited by the school to go on the air, and speak on the importance of education as a guess. Our partnership started right there as I went into more details about what I do in the community with Karibamerica’s Well-Being Foundation a not for profit helping families with cancer. We developed a partnership as well I was pleased last year to be a part of AEDAP where I delivered a song, and this year Dr. Flore was the host of our mother’s day event, honoring mothers with cancer in our community. After the show I still spoke about her services to others and they replied that Dr. Flore is very professional, works well under pressure, and was able to connect everyone at the event to understand the mission in English and French to please our diverse crowd there. This year we can’t wait to work with her again, I admire her professionalism and what she believes in and how her driving spirit can help any business in needs of her assistance. To work with her is a breath of fresh air.

Maggy Reed
Founder&Executive Director
Karibamerica’s Well-Being Foundation, Inc.
CEO of MR Products, LLC.