Marcel Alexis testimonial

Marcel AlexisYou are unique…I am unique, but Flore is unique for real.

The story went like this. Once upon a time there was a dynamic Haitian radio show in South Miami Dade County. The program was aired on Sunday afternoon and hosted by three good friends: Manny Ardouin, Weston (Ti Ton’n) Etienne and Flore Lindor Latortue. I am telling you…That was fun. Those guys used to talk about anything … I mean anything: pick on one another, crack jokes and moreover voye konpa mounte ( Play Haitian konpa music heavily). You imagine?…A real happy group.

One day, they decided to conduct a survey in order to determine who among them was the most popular. Suddenly, I heard Flore shouting : Marcel … Marcel Alexis! please call the radio right away on my behalf because mesie yo soti pou yo maspinen- m la-a. ( The guys are giving me a hard time). I said to myself : Oh! she knows me that well? and I called…Guess what? Coincidence or not, she won the contest and since then Flore and I became good friends.

To me, Flore can be described as being creative, enthusiastic, self motivated, courageous and reliable with a sense of leadership and a vision of her own. With a heartfelt attitude, she often volunteers to assist people in need and in most cases she will be the first one to be at your side and the last person to leave. I value her friendship because I feel that she is loyal, compassionate and consistent in her actions toward people. It is noticeable that Flore has the guts to speak her mind quite openly in many circumstances but she doesn’t hold any grudges or feelings of vengeance or retaliation that could eventually be harmful to herself and to the people that she is dealing with.
As a professional, Flore shows honesty and patience in providing counseling, sound advices and useful guidelines to people who consult her, because her priority is to contribute, the best she can, to the success of the other party regardless the socio- economic conditions of that person.

As a citizen, Flore devotes a lot of her time and resources in supporting the Haitian American community living in Miami Dade County in their struggle for equal justice and human rights. As a result, she is the founder and director of AEDAP, a non profit organization with the mission to implement and promote leadership, most precisely to benefit the youth. In Haiti she has created a charitable association to help the poor.
All in all, Flore wonders at Life, Love and the Infinite. She lives her life her own way, like most of us do, but she is remarkable with her own individuality and the richness of her style in handling situations of different and complicated nature. The combination of those qualities will certainly make of her the person that she really wants to be : A successful woman in a modern society.